The birthday of Kurekell 23.07.2016
In the summer of 2016 three friends - artist Kristin Kalamees, film director Rasmus Merivoo and tennis coach Juku-Kalle Adrat - sat down by a round table in order to create a different kind of clock. A couple of hours later the prototype was born and it was named Kurekell - Stork Clock.

Stork Clock lets us understand time differently. There are no more suppressing numbers, there is only a constant story and three storks doing their thing. Stress-free like the nature. 

Today we have come to a product that is made of 24 mm birch plywood with laser cut metallic storks. The clock has three silent mechanisms wich run on three separate AA batteries. Kurekell may be hanged on the wall or set to stand on a flat surface.
Kurekell is carefully put together by hand.

You can choose between three colors: black, white and natural.